Wednesday 21 March: 10am - 1pm

The Kenilworth Centre, Abbey End Car Park, Abbey End, Kenilworth CV8 1QJ

We've teamed up with local University of the Third Age groups to bring you a morning of round table discussion about the latest energy research happening at the University. Invited speakers will present briefly on a range of topics including the impacts of moving to a system entirely dependent renewable energy generation and what developments in energy technologies such as more affordable battery technology, and more efficient homes could mean for us as citizens.

Ideas Cafés are interactive events which bring together members of the public and Warwick academics to discuss and engage in the exciting research that they are undertaking. The morning is informal and designed to promote different ways of thinking about research and its practical applications in real life situations. The audience will listen to a number of short presentations, and then have the opportunity to sit with the academics to discuss provocative questions and feedback on their thoughts and experiences.


Dr Caroline Kuzemko, Assistant Professor in International Political Economy

Energy technologies are changing quite rapidly, partly as a result of national government policies. For example, renewables are growing as a proportion of electricity supply; battery storage is becoming more affordable; and information and communications technologies (ICT) are making energy use more manageable. There are also more options for making our homes more efficient, thereby reducing our heating bills and supporting more vulnerable households. What this means is that communities and citizens are are able to become more involved both in producing and managing their energy. Caroline's talk will focus on some of these changes and what they mean for us as citizens and as a community.

Professor Michael Waterson, Professor of Economics in Warwick's Department of Economics

Michael will discuss what are the effects of moving to extensive generation of electricity by means of renewables might be, and what else might we need to be doing now to ensure the stability of the system for the future.

Professor David Elmes, Professor of Practice in Warwick Business School

David is interested in how the structure of the global energy industry is changing, how new business models are finding success and how management practices are changing.

Professor Bob Critoph, School of Engineering

Bob's research is about low carbon heating and cooling technology – developing and introducing gadgets that will be keep us warm in future without having such a big impact on the environment.

Professor Mike Bradshaw, Warwick Business School (WBS)

National Grid’s recent Gas Supply Emergency announcement that was made in the face of very high levels of gas demand as a result of the so-called ‘Beast from the East,’ has highlighted concerns about the vulnerability of Britain’s gas supply chain. On-going research conducted by Professor Mike Bradshaw, at Warwick Business School, is examining challenges to future UK gas security and is considering the likely impact of Brexit.

Light refreshments will be available throughout the event
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