In this year at Warwick:

Richard Deacon studied at Somerset College of Art and in London at St Martin's, the Royal College and Chelsea College. He began exhibiting sculpture in 1983 and a touring exhibition of his work was shown at the Mead Gallery in 1987. In that year he also won the Turner Prize. Let's Not Be Stupid was Deacon's first commission for a large-scale, outdoor, permanent work. The site was chosen by the artist and in addition to making a striking contribution to its immediate architectural environment, it also serves to provoke reflection on the nature and purpose of the institution it inhabits. The work has a dialectic quality implied, for instance, in the presence of elements indicating a 'cage' and a 'bridge' or 'ladder' and in the way that shapes appear to be morphing into altered forms. It demands of the viewer the exercise of interpretative judgement and permits many alternatives.

And in the world: