In this seminar, we are going to consider the consequences of West Indian migration to the UK, focusing on the 1950s. I also want to (re)introduce you to working with the collections of the Modern Records Centre (MRC), which is at Warwick and could be an excellent source for future long essays and dissertations. Indeed, we'll be holding this seminar at the MRC.

Secondary sources

Everyone should read the following by way of an introductory overview:

Thompson, M. E., 'Forty-and-one years on: An overview of Afro-Caribbean migration to the United Kingdom' in Palmer, R. W. (ed.) In Search of a Better Life: Perspectives on Migration from the Caribbean (New York; London, 1990), pp 39-70.

Primary sources

We will be consulting the following documents during our seminar:

MSS.309/U/5/1/64 'West Indian immigrants - a survey of the position in the Midlands' by Felicity Bolton. Movement for Colonial Freedom pamphlet 1956

MSS.125/1/3/33 Correspondence and newspaper cuttings following the 1958 race riots in Britain

MSS.200/B/3/2/C1199 Immigrants from the West Indies. Correspondence, including answers to BEC questionnaire

MSS.292/805.7/3 Commonwealth Workers in Britain - 'Coloured people in Great Britain: Summary of press news and comment', Institute of Race Relations, September 1958

MSS.292/805.7/3 Commonwealth Workers in Britain - British Caribbean Welfare Service annual report, 1957

Further reading

See the reading list of the associated lecture.

Additional primary sources