In this seminar, we are going to consider the consequences of West Indian migration to the UK, focusing on the 1950s. I also want to (re)introduce you to working with the collections of the Modern Records Centre (MRC), which is at Warwick and could be an excellent source for future long essays and dissertations. Indeed, we'll be holding this seminar at the MRC.


Everyone should read the following by way of an introductory overview:

Thompson, M. E., 'Forty-and-one years on: An overview of Afro-Caribbean migration to the United Kingdom' in Palmer, R. W. (ed.) In Search of a Better Life: Perspectives on Migration from the Caribbean (New York; London, 1990), pp 39-70.

In addition, you will be working in sub-groups for this seminar, with each assigned one of the primary sources (A-E):

Group 1 (Tuesday, 3-4)
Group 2 (Wednesday, 11-12)
Group 3 (Tuesday, 4-5)
Group 4 (Wednesday, 12-1)
Primary Sources

Seminar Activity

Each group should be prepared to speak for 10 minutes maximum about their primary source. Focus on the following questions, in particular:

These materials are ready for you to consult at the MRC. To ensure that each group has the Small Meeting Room to themselves while doing this preparatory work, I want each group to choose one hour-long slot and then e-mail me so that the MRC will be ready for you:

You will each need to bring your student card so you can sign in, plus the reference number of document you wish to consult (e.g. MSS.309/U/5/1/64). Please take laptops, tablets etc. and/or notebooks and pencils so you can take notes. You can also take cameras/camera phones so you can capture images of the sources. Your group might want to use these in your presentations. You must not take any liquids, pens or marker pens.

The seminars

The seminars on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th February will take place at the MRC in the Seminar Room at the usual times. Each group will have 10 minutes maximum to present on the source you have be assigned, followed by questions from the rest of the class. If you wish to use PowerPoint to present images/slides, please either bring a USB stick or e-mail me the file in advance.

Click here for more information on the Modern Records Centre.

Further reading

See the reading list of the associated lecture.

Additional primary sources