In advance of each lecture, please ensure you have done the preparatory reading for the week. Details of texts and secondary reading are available here.

Autumn term

Week 1 - Introduction; Donne and Herbert (I) (Simon Jackson)

Week 2 - Donne and Herbert (II) (Simon Jackson)

Week 3 - Lady Mary Wroth, Ben Jonson, and Patronage (Thomasin Bailey)

Week 4 - Masques (Ania Crowther)

Week 5 - The White Devil (Ania Crowther)


Week 7 - James Shirley, The Bird in a Cage (Ania Crowther)

Week 8 - Cavalier Poets: Lovelace, Herrick, Carew and Suckling (Simon Jackson)

Week 9 - Milton, Poems (1645) (Simon Jackson)

Week 10 - Andrew Marvell (Simon Jackson)

Spring Term

Week 1 - Essays: Montaigne and Bacon (and Seneca's Letters) (Tess Grant)

Week 2 - Spiritual Autobiographies: Agnes Beaumont, and The Lost Sheep Found (Tess Grant)

Week 3 - Katherine Philips and Hester Pulter (Thomasin Bailey)

Week 4 - Milton, Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes (1671) (Simon Jackson)

Week 5 - John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester (David Taylor)


Week 7 - Dryden, Absalom and Achitophel (David Taylor)

Week 8 - Restoration Drama: The Country Wife and The Rover (Tess Grant)

Week 9 - Aphra Behn, Oroonoko (David Taylor)

Week 10 - The Rise of Opera: Henry Purcell/Nahum Tate - Dido and Aeneas (students are not required to have any prior knowledge of music) (Simon Jackson)