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I work on the socio-cultural history of medicine, specifically on how late-colonial and post-colonial Indian representations of modernity were shaped by the cultural constructions of science. Broadly informed by the politics of progressivism unleashed in the modern age, my research interests encompass the intermeshed colonial histories of caste and sexuality, colonial print networks and the modern Indian history of food. Supervised by Dr. Sarah Hodges and generously funded by the University of Warwick, my doctoral thesis, entitled "The Body Language of Caste: Marathi Sexual Modernity (1920-1950)" mapped the range of discourses addressing "reproduction" in modern Maharashtra. In focusing on popular Marathi sex literature, I have problematized its construction of scientific sexuality and sexual reform; I attempt to read these as modes of reproducing deeply ingrained arguments for maintaining caste hierarchies. After completing my doctoral thesis in the Centre for the History of Medicine, I worked as an Early Career Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Study, Warwick.


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