Course Aims

How do we meet these Aims?

1: You will develop your understanding of the commercial, legal and cultural systems which frame creative and media enterprises by engaging in discussions and debates, by participating in group work and through individual research and reading.

2: Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to think strategically and conceptually, focusing not just on the specific challenges of one industry or scenario, but on the broader strategic issues behind them. This broad understanding will equip with you with the transferable skills and knowledge you need to adapt to specific situations in your future career.

3: You will reflect critically upon the apparent tensions between creative and managerial practices, assumptions and theories, identifying connections and synergies between them and use these to build your understanding of creative enterprise management.

4: You will examine current practice in the management of cultural organisations, intellectual property management, strategy and marketing, through case studies and insights from industry professionals. You will learn how management methods and strategies must adapt to rapidly changing scenarios rather than relying on ‘best practice’.

5: You will examine current theories of management and marketing through reading, research and guided seminar discussions and tutorials, in order to evaluate how theoretical models can be tailored to the practical needs of managing a creative or media enterprise.

6: You will develop your understanding of the fundamental legal concepts and frameworks which underpin the exchange and management of intellectual property, and of the philosophical, legal and managerial principles which lie behind them, applying and developing this understanding through case studies, debates, tutorials and seminars.

7: You will develop your own approach to management, strategy and marketing which reflects the realities of management in the creative and media industries

8: You will develop your critical and reflexive thinking skills both on the modules (through live briefs, applied tasks, and engagement with industry practitioners and tutors), and with your fellow students through collaborative projects on contemporary issues. You will further develop your research skills by planning and conducting your own major research project, supervised by a scholar in the field.

Course Summary

The MA in Creative and Media Enterprises focuses on the special relationship between creative imagination and strategic management. The course is designed to cut across different industries and contexts and will provide both a broad overview of the creative and media industries and a fresh perspective on managing your own creative business or project.

You will develop a theoretical understanding of the creative and cultural industries and explore the implications that intellectual property, changing business practices and markets hold for creative and media enterprises operating in an emerging creative economy. The course is designed to encourage you to innovate as well as provide you with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to commercialise your ideas or develop your research interests.

The programme treats theoretical analysis as an integral part of practical tasks. You will have an opportunity to reflect on the ideas and ideals which lie behind your work. You will also meet practitioners and experts who will provide you with practical examples and advice for running a successful enterprise.

Navigate Your Own Path

In addition to your two Core Modules you will be able to determine the appropriate balance between practice and theoretical work from the range of option modules offered, according to your particular needs. You may take the course full-time over one year or part-time over two years.

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