Recent Graduates:

Nese Ceren Tosun- PhD (Complete 2017, IAS/IATL Fellow 2018-2019)
Title: Performing Home: A La Turca Foodscapes in London
Supervisor: Tim White
Mentor: Milija Gluhovic

Maria Estrada Fuentes - PhD (with History) (Complete 2016, IAS Fellow 2017)
Title: Stages of Conflict: Performance in Social-reintegration of Former Child Soldiers in Colombia
Supervisor: Silvija Jestrovic and Rebecca Earle

Annouchka Bayley - PhD (with WBS), complete 2017
Title: Deterritorialisations in Pedagogy: Encounters between Practice as Research and Management Learning
Supervisors: Nicolas Whybrow and Davide Nicolini

Alexi Marchel - PhD (Complete 2017)
Title: Staging the Nation: Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the War of 1812 Bicentennial
Supervisors: Milija Gluhovic and Yvette Hutchison

Natasha Davis - PhD
Title: Performing Migratory Identity - Practice as Research on Displacement and (Be)Longing
Supervisors: Nicolas Whybrow and Silvija Jestrovic

Maria Hetzer - PhD (with German Studies)
Title: Bodies in/of Crisis: staging the 'Wende'
Supervisors: Nicolas Whybrow and Sean Allan

Leila Zammar - PhD (with Renaissance Studies)
Title: Seventeenth century performances at the Barberini Palace and in the lost Barberini Theatre, Rome
Supervisors: Margaret Shewring and David Lines

Maria Barrett - PhD (with Cultural Policy Studies)
Title: Fish out of Water: Habitus, Cultural Capital and the Working Class Exeperience of Theatre
Supervisors: David Wright and Susan Haedicke

Tracy Cattell - PhD
Title: The Development of Professional Stage Management in the United Kingdom
Supervisor: Jim Davis
Mentor: Nicolas Whybrow

Awelani Moyo (March 2010–2013):
Title: Re-tracing invisible maps – landscape in and as performance in contemporary South Africa
Supervisor: Yvette Hutchison
Mentor: Nicholas Whybrow
Seong-Kwan Cho - PhD
Title: Intercultural Shakespeare Performance: a case-study of South Korea
Supervisor: Margaret Shewring
Mentor: Nicolas Whybrow
Peter Groves - PhD
Title: Howard Barker and Greek Tragedy
Supervisors: Nadine Holdsworth and Janelle Reinelt
Mentor: Silvija Jestrovic
Jonny Heron - PhD
Title: A different kind of failure
Supervisors: Baz Kershaw and Nadine Holdsworth
James Wilson - PhD
Title: Social Authorship and Performance Text
Supervisor: Susan Haedicke
Mentor: Nicolas Whybrow

Melanie Zeffarino - PhD (with History of Art)
Title: Late Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern European puppetry (mainly Italy)
Supervisors: Louise Bourdua and Margaret Shewring