The "Perspectives on Behavioural Science" Conference will be held at the University of Warwick on May 31, 2018. The conference is aimed at highlighting technical expertise of women in behavioural sciences and cultivating constructive exchange between the interdisciplinary components of behavioural science.

We would like to thank the Behavioural Science Global Research Priorities Programme for kindly supporting this conference.

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Behavioural science represents a unique confluence of fields: psychological perspectives as well as economic policy models, and more recently data-driven techniques from the mathematical science. What different career trajectories have converged at behavioural science, and how are they shaping the field? How are the contributions of each of the different subfields influencing behavioural science as a whole? While women are well represented in the social sciences, there are relatively few women in behavioural science. What is their technical vision for the future of behavioural science?

Invited Speakers