European History Research Centre

The European History Research Centre (EHRC) was established in 2014 by the Warwick University History Department under the directorship of Professor Mark Philp.

The principal aims of the EHRC are:

The EHRC supports these aims by coordinating, facilitating and publicising the research and policy-related activities of colleagues working in areas of the EHRC's activities, by promoting the development of research funding applications for projects with European dimensions, by assisting in the creation of groups and networks of scholars with shared research interests, both within and outside the University, and supporting and facilitating their applications and research activities. The EHRC also facilitates opportunities for visiting scholars, provides an institutional platform to organise and promote workshops, conferences, seminars, lectures and impact-related activities, supports both research publication and the development of wider impact agendas in relation to European projects, and provides a forum for the critical scrutiny of research papers and to encourage their development and publication in top-rank journals.