The Unit provides a focus for research and development into the relationship between the housing environment and health. Its work has focused on the underlying health basis for housing standards and their application. Current interests include - unintentional home injuries; carbon monoxide poisoning in dwellings; indoor air quality in dwellings; residential energy precariousness; the legal environment of housing in different countries; crowding, density and health; and the cost to society of poor housing. The Unit has a reputation for high quality research and specialises in policy relevant research and development. It aims to ensure the outcomes of any work are practical, effective, and policy orientated. The Unit is particularly interested in collaborative, inter-disciplinary work.

David Ormandy is head of the Unit. David specialises in the formulation of standards, the relationship between the environment (particularly the housing environment) and health, and the health-based assessment of conditions.

Associates of the Unit are -

Professor Gillian Lewando-Hundt. Gillian is Professor Reponsible for the School of Health and Social Studies, and co-director of the Institute of Health. Gillian has a background in social anthropology and sociology.

Dr Véronique Ezratty MD. Véronique is a medical doctor based in the Service des Etudes Médicales d'EDF (France) where she is responsible for various topics including Indoor Air Quality, Healthy Buildings, Energy Precariousness, Climate Change, and Endocrine Disruptors.

Dr Stephen Battersby. Stephen is an environmental health practitioner. He acts as a consultant to local authorities, advising on development of private sector housing strategies and administration of grants and other forms of assistance. Stephen is a past President of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

John Bryson. John is a chartered environmental health practitioner and consultant, specialising in housing standards and strategies.

Professor Elizabeth Burton. Elizabeth is professor of Sustainable Building Design and Wellbeing. Her interests are in the social aspects of sustainability and how the built environment influences people's wellbeing, quality of life and mental health. Elizabeth has particular expertise in ageing research, including dementia-friendly design.

Dr Lynne Mitchell. Lynne is a Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Health. Her research interests lie in how the built environment can be designed or produced to enhance local social sustainability, particularly the wellbeing and health of residents and other users. Lynne has particular expertise in researching the needs of older people in the built environment.

Recent work includes -

Véronique Ezratty and David Ormandy are collaborating on a review of health, energy, and energy precariousness. Véronique and David gave presentations at a workshop on the co-benefits of weatherisation organised by the International Energy Agency in January 2011 and also at an IEA workshop on evaluating the multiple benefits of energy efficiency.

Véronique and David have also collaborated on studies into knowledge and awareness of the risks from Carbon Monoxide among the student population and among housing association tenants (both supported with funds from the Gas Safety Trust), and have made several presentations on these two studies at both national and international conferences (details of presentations etc). Two reports are now available - Report on the Survey of Students, and Report on the Survey of Public Sector Tenants.

David Ormandy has been invited to be a member of the Healthy Housing Guideline Development Group organised by WHO, Geneva. David is also working with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on the adoption of the English Housing Health and Safety Rating System (on which see below) for use in the USA, renamed as the Healthy Home Rating System. HUD has now made it a condition of the grants it awards to organisations involved in housing initiatives that the HHRS is used to assess the condition of dwellings.

Publications etc include -

Other work has included -

The 5th Warwick Healthy Housing Conference was held on 17th - 19th March 2008. Copies of the papers will be made available on this web-site soon.

The Unit organised an international conference, Healthy Housing: promoting good health, held on 19th - 21st March 2003 at Warwick University.
Copies of the PowerPoint and Word Documents

This conference was the fourth in a series -

Copies of papers given at these conferences are available from the Unit.


The Unit can be contacted at -

Safe and Healthy Housing Unit
Institute of Health
School of Health and Social Studies
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL

David Ormandy -            +44 (0) 24 7652 4936


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