Interdisciplinary postgraduate modules are relevant to Masters students across the University. They will enable you to work with students from other departments and faculties and help you grasp complex ideas from a range of disciplinary perspectives.

Available to

All Masters/PGT students (with home department approval)

Term 1 (Autumn)

Old illustration of brain areas
The Medical Mind in Literature and Culture
IL901 CATS: 20, 30 or 36 Convenor: Dr Elizabeth Barry

Term 2 (Spring)

Children flying a kite on an alien world
Habitability in the Universe
IL907 CATS: 10 or 20 Convenor: Dr David Armstrong
Closed door in a wall made of books
Memory Studies
IL908 CATS: 10, 20 or 30 Convenor: Prof. Alison Ribeiro de Menezes
Man looking out over water
Thinking Water
IL905 CATS: 10, 15, 20 or 30 Convenor: Dr Elena Riva
Colourful abstract swirl
Ways of Knowing: Gender, Bodies, Power
IL902 CATS: 15, 20 or 30 Convenor: Dr Cath Lambert

Term 3 (Summer)

UN Flags
Humanitarian Law
IL915 CATS: 15 or 20 Convenor: Prof. Andrew Williams

Postgraduate cross-disciplinary modules from CIM

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies (CIM) offers the postgraduate cross-disciplinary modules below to students from across the university. If you are interested in studying any of these, please contact Sarah Doughty(Sarah dot K dot Doughty at warwick dot ac dot uk), the CIM Centre Adminstrator.

Module Title Module Code Next Running
Approaches to the Digital IM902 Autumn Term
Digital Objects, Digital Methods IM904 Spring Term
Spatial Methods and Practice in Urban Science IM913 Autumn Term
Urban Data - Theory and Methodology IM919 Autumn Term
Visualisation IM921 Spring Term
Playful Media: Ludification in the Digital Age IM922 Christmas Vacation
User Interface Cultures: Design, Method and Critique IM923 Spring Term
Digital Cities: Interdisciplinary Perspectives IM927 Spring Term

Urban Resilience, Disasters and Data

IM928 Easter Vacation
Ethnography, Knowledge and Practice IM929 Spring Term
Futures Past IM930 Autumn Term
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Machine Learning IM931 Spring Term
Media Activism IM933 Spring Term
Ecological Futures: Transdisciplinary Approaches IM934 Autumn Term
Advanced Quantitative Research QS903 Spring Term
Fundamentals in Quantitative Research Methods QS905 Autumn Term
Big Data Research: Hype or Revolution? QS906 Autumn Term