Published 20 September 2007

Editorial: The Launch of an Undergraduate Research JournalDavid Metcalfe, University of Warwick

The 'Criminal Face Effect': Physical Attractiveness and Character Integrity as Determinants of Perceived CriminalityAlex Hodgkiss and Claire Handy, University of Warwick

No Limits? Sustainability, Development, Technology and the Chimera of Endless GrowthDavid Cullen, Oxford Brookes University

The Absence of Mercy: the Treatment of the Mentally Ill in Death Penalty Cases by the State of Texas Following Ford v WainwrightHayley Knight, University of Warwick

Crime and Capital: Rethinking a Marxist Theory of Crime and PunishmentCraig Worrall, University of Warwick

A Gendered 'Managed Heart'? An Exploration of the Gendering of Emotional Labour, Aesthetic Labour, and Body Work in Service Sector EmploymentKaty Pilcher, University of Warwick