The Migration, Identity, and Translation Network

The Migration, Identity, and Translation Network (MITN) is a project supported by the Monash-Warwick Alliance. MITN is designed to act as a hub for researchers, teachers, students, and practitioners interested in any or all of our overlapping thematic areas.

The Network was launched officially in August 2015 at 'Translating Pain: An International Forum on Language, Text, and Suffering', hosted by Monash University.

If you have any questions about the Network, please contact
Jo Angouri



MITN panel: In the context of Language, Translation and Migration: Conference and Public Summit, four members of the Identity and Workplace Communication' MITN cluster (Christina Efthymiadou, Olha Shmihelska, Daniel Clayton, Kristina Humonen) and the Monash PhD represenative Lola Sundin, participated in the Language, Translation, and Migration: Conference and Public Summit 2018 and hold a panel on the topic of 'Working with Informants'. For more info on this see here.

CFP: Language, Translation, and Migration: Conference and Public Summit 2018 MITN invites abstracts of no more than 350 words for the forthcoming Language, Translation, and Migration conference and public summit, which will be held at the University of Warwick on 24-26th May 2018. Click here for more info.

Research Seminar, 23rd of January, 13.00-14.30, Warwick University, Social Sciences Building, room A0.14
Our invited speaker is Anna Douglas (Independent Curator and Photography Historian), doctoral student at Leeds University. Anna will talk about the exhibition she has been curating (see link below), which is the subject of her ethnographic field work, exploring ideas of the past and nostalgia experienced in the present. Anna's project involves 27 hours of recorded conversations and field work observations. In this seminar she will talk about the process she explored in conducting the 'field work' - which as a curator of contemporary art she also considers to constitute 'the artwork'. Anna is going to reflect on how an exhibition might present the basis and temporal and spatial context for negotiating, living and experiencing the past in the present, to inform an 'uncertain future'.

Next MITN event- 4th of December, Warwick University, Ramphal building, room R0.12, 8.30 to 10.30am. In this event, Natalie Fiennes and John Sheil, members of a collective of 7 people based in London, who centre their politics on grassroots struggle and resistance, will be with us to discuss issues on immigration policies and xenophobia in the UK. The event includes the screening of a film called 'Violent Borders', which will be followed by discussion.

Read a new post on the benefits of joining MITN published on the 'PhD Life' blog of Warwick University here:

Warwick doctoral research forum with Professors Lawrence Venuti and Karen Van Dyck: Wednesday 25 October, 1 to 4 p.m., Room: H3.56 (3rd floor of the Humanities Building). For more infor visit:

One-day Workshop: Discourses of Migration- 7 September 2017, Organised by the Warwick MITN and Connecting Cultures GRP This one-day workshop aims to bring together a number of scholars and practitioners from a variety of disciplines so as to commonly discuss the specific challenges posed by migration in the present and possible avenues for conflict resolution. The following themes are of particular interest: Representation and / of migration and ‘the migrant’

· Exilic consciousness
· Memory, Conflict, and Migration
· Intra-European and inter-continental migrations
· Languages and Diasporas
· Space, time and movement
· Rights and Justice in a global world
· Labour market and integration dynamics
· Border zones
· Translation and Transgression
· Migration as trauma
· Cultural legacies of migration
· Refugee policy and community practice For more information, see here.


The 3-day MITN summer school, Representations of Identities in Contemporary Societies held in Forli, Italy on the 12-14th of July was completed successfully! It brought together MITN members from Warwick, Bologna and Monash Universities, as well as PhD students and scholars from other universities who had the chance to attend talks and take part in workshops led by renowned scholars from Italy, the UK, Australia and the US. Talks focused on the themes of identity, migration and translation in contemporary society as well as workshops on publication and PhD career paths for PhD students and early career researchers. Along with MITN's history and research clusters and activity, we spent some time to discuss the future of our network to promote its sustainable development. Among future perspectives, the possibility of publishing a volume with papers by MITN members emerged as significant.

MITN presents its first 3 days workshop:
Representations of Identities in Contemporary Societies,
12-14 July 2017
Teaching Hub, Viale F. Corridoni,
Host Institution: Department of Interpreting and Translation, Universtiy of Bologna, Forlì Campus, Italy
Partner Institutions: Monash University, Australia Warwick University, United Kingdom Registration OPEN NOW HERE

In the context of iMean5 conferencce in UWE, Bristol (6-8th of April 2017) 8 MITN members presented their projects, while the 'Identity and Workplace Communication' MITN cluster members held a panel on 'Exploring multidisciplinarity in workplace studies'. The panel presentations brought together perspectives of professional communication fields, and was followed by a round table discussion facilitated by Jo Angouri and Meredith Marra and a publishing workshop by Multilingual Matters.


CFP: Language, Translation, and Migration: Conference and Public Summit 2018

MITN invites abstracts of no more than 350 words for the forthcoming Language, Translation, and Migration conference and public summit, which will be held at the University of Warwick on 24-26th May 2017. More info following this link.

MITN Panel: 'Practicing multidisciplinarity in workplace studies'

In the context of the i-mean 5 Conference in Bristol (6-8 April, 2017), the 'Identity and Workplace Communication' MITN cluster is organising a panel which aims to bring together studies addressing professional communication from different angles to problematize the crossing of disciplinary boundaries, affordances and possible challenges.

We specifically aim to address the following questions:

-What we understand as multidisciplinarity?
-What disciplines do workplace scholars typically draw upon?
-How open is the academy to new approaches and methods?
-Is multidisciplinarity possible?

The panel consists of 6/7 papers addressing the topic followed by a round table discussion.

iMean 5 Conference, UWE Bristol, 6- 8 April 2017 (with pre-conference Workshops on 5 April)

Abstract submission deadline: Now closed.

Theme: Language and Change

Papers are invited for the iMean5 conference to be held at the University of the West of England, Bristol, 6- 8 April 2017

The fifth iMean conference maintains its traditional focus on meaning in social interaction, with a thematic orientation to Language and Change. We will be considering changes at the linguistic level but also how changes at a societal level affect linguistic usage and our conceptions and analysis of it. Our increasingly interconnected and fast-moving world has led to an upsurge in mobility and to the possibility of greater variation and change in language use. The linguistically diverse nature of contemporary societies has implications for social justice, with potentially differential access to the public sphere. Different contexts of use and new media may also bring new styles and manners of expression. As society changes, so must our conceptual and epistemological models and old questions and concepts require new approaches and angles.

The conference welcomes papers which focus on Language and Change, on norms and/or shifts in language usage and, more generally, on theoretical and methodological developments in research on sociopragmatics.

Website: iMean Conferences Website

MITN is proud to be a partner supporting the upcoming 7th Asian Translation Traditions Conference titled 'Shifting Powers: The Ethics of Translation in a Transforming Asia'. Hosted by Monash University Malaysia Campus on 26-29th September 2016. Registration now open.


'Working with interviews: discourse analysis & coding':

The workshop will cover an overview of the questions you need to be aware of when analysing interviews (such as issues related to transcription, types of analysis) and will present coding (including types of software, bottom-up and top-down approaches, grounded theory) as a tool to be used in combination with any chosen method. In the hands-on section of the workshop participants will work in groups on a supplied fragment of interview data, trying to apply coding methods and develop a possible approach to analysis.


Time: 8-10am (Warwick)/ 9-11am (Bologna)/ 5-7pm (Monash)

Venue: Ramphal builiding, room 0.12 (Warwick)

RSVP: or or

4th Postgraduate MITN Workshop

The events will be conducted through videoconferencing systems to allow participants at Monash, at Warwick and at Bologna to meet each other, share short presentations on their research interests and current work, and to participate in a virtual masterclass led by Professor Cathia Jenainati. The masterclass will include a talk titled: A journey towards developing a critical reading of “Women of the Arab world”. The masterclass will be tailored to the research of the participants and there will be also time for discussion.

Date: Thursday, 1st December

Time: 8-10am (Warwick)/ 9-11am (Bologna)/ 7-9pm (Monash)

Vanue: Ramphal builiding, room 0.12 (Warwick)

RSVP: or or

Postgraduate and ECR Research

Congratulations to those PG/ECRs who have been granted funding by the Monash-Warwick Alliance to puruse a research project on Collaborative Translation! More details in the latest newsletter, available via the PG/ECR page.

In early June, both clusters of the PG/ECR cohort successfully held reading group events using video conferencing technology at Warwick and Monash universities. There was much productive discussion that will be continued in the second half of the year.