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May 2015 - August 2016: Organized by MITN Doctoral Fellows Jessica Trevitt and Gioia Panzarella

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Research Clusters

These clusters represent common points of interest among the MITN PG/ECRs, and they offer the opportunity to develop skills by organizing interdisciplinary events in order to facilitate collaboration and career development. Click on the links to find out more, and if you are interested in taking part, please email the cluster coordinators.

Identity and Workplace Communication

Space, Place and the City

Performing Narratives

Conflicts and modernity in literature, cinema and new media


· Exilic consciousness
· Memory, Conflict, and Migration
· Intra-European and inter-continental migrations
· Languages and Diasporas
· Space, time and movement
· Rights and Justice in a global world
· Labour market and integration dynamics
· Border zones
· Translation and Transgression
· Migration as trauma
· Cultural legacies of migration
· Refugee policy and community practice For more information, see here.

12-14 July 2017
Teaching Hub, Viale F. Corridoni,
Host Institution: Department of Interpreting and Translation, Universtiy of Bologna, Forlì Campus, Italy
Partner Institutions: Monash University, Australia Warwick University, United Kingdom

For more information see here

In the context of iMean5 conferencce in UWE, Bristol (6-8th of April 2017) 8 MITN members presented their projects, while the 'Identity and Workplace Communication' MITN cluster members held a panel on 'Exploring multidisciplinarity in workplace studies'. The panel presentations brought together perspectives of professional communication fields, and was followed by a round table discussion facilitated by Jo Angouri and Meredith Marra and a publishing workshop by Multilingual Matters.

The workshop will cover an overview of the questions you need to be aware of when analysing interviews (such as issues related to transcription, types of analysis) and will present coding (including types of software, bottom-up and top-down approaches, grounded theory) as a tool to be used in combination with any chosen method. In the hands-on section of the workshop participants will work in groups on a supplied fragment of interview data, trying to apply coding methods and develop a possible approach to analysis.


Time: 8-10am (Warwick)/ 9-11am (Bologna)/ 5-7pm (Monash)

Venue: Ramphal builiding, room 0.12 (Warwick)

RSVP: or or

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August 13 2015 October 28 2015 February 3 2016 March 9 2016 June 1 2016 June 8 2016

'Sharing Research' session

Workshop run by Jo Angouri from Warwick

Workshop run by Felix Nobis from Monash

Launch of the 'Space, Place and the City' research cluster

First reading group for the 'Space, Place and the City' research cluster

Launch and first reading group for the 'Performing Narratives' cluster

Second reading group for 'Space, Place and the City'

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Seventh Event
1st December 2016

'Sharing Research' session

Workshop run by Cathia Jenainati from Warwick



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