Module overview

Please see below for compulsory and optional modules for Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Science and Analytical & Polymer Science MSc

Term 1

CH967 - Fundamentals of Polymerization

CH970 - Polymers in the Real World

CH971 - Polymer Laboratories

CH974 - Advanced Polymer Synthesis

CH915 - Principles and Techniques in Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

CH921 - Frontier Instrumental Techniques for Molecular Analytical Science

Term 2

CH948 - Warwick Interdisciplinary Science Transferable Skills

CH982 - Polymer Processing and Nanocomposites

CH911 - Chromatography and separation science

CH975 - Advanced Colloidal Materials

CH916 - Magnetic resonance

CH926 - Molecular Modelling

WM022 - Business Model Generation

WM019 - Establishing a New Business

ES977 - Business Strategy and Strategic Management

CH972 - Group Research Project

Polymer Chemistry


Polymer Science


Analytical and Polymer Science


Term 3 - All courses