Attendance Monitoring is done through Tabula. Your personal tutor and dissertation supervisor are responsible for recording these monitoring points.

Attendance Monitoring for students studying for an MSc in Scientific Computing.

Monitoring points are:

1. Autumn Term:
 Attend induction week and complete CY900 (week 0)
 Meeting with personal tutor (week 1)
 Attend CY900/MA913 supervised lab (week 3)
 Submit CY901 assignment 1 (week 5)
 Submit project approval form (week 8)
 Meeting with personal tutor (week 10)
6 formal monitoring points

2. Spring Term:
 Submission of CY903 assignment 2 (week 17)
 Attend 1st briefing for CY901 final assignment (week 19)
 Attend 2nd briefing for CY901 final assignment (week 21)
 Meeting with personal tutor (Week 24)
4 formal monitoring points

3. Summer Term:
 Meeting with personal tutor (week 30)
 Dissertation supervisor contact (week 32)
 Dissertation supervisor contact (week 39)
3 formal monitoring points

4. Summer:
 Dissertation supervisor contact (week 44)
 Submission of dissertation (week 49)
2 points of contact

International students should be particularly aware of the consequences of missing Contact Points: the Academic Office is obliged to report to the Home Office UK Visas and Immigration (formerly the UK Border Agency) if any Tier 4 students have been found not to be engaging with and attending their degree course. This will normally lead to the curtailment of their visas.

In general:

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