Dr Stana Zivanovic took part in a Summer School in Belgrade devoted to the topic of Vibrations of Structures due to Rail Road Traffic. This, a week long event (5-11 Oct. 2009), was organised jointly by two departments of engineering mechanics at Technical University of Munich (Germany) and the University of Belgrade (Serbia), on the initiative of Professor G. Schmid, a well known expert in the area of soil-structure interaction, who is now retired from the Ruhr-University Bochum and is a former visiting professor at Belgrade University. A series of lectures addressing the issues of modelling rail induced vibration, vibration propagation through the soil medium, and measures for attenuation of the vibrations was delivered by researchers from the two universities, while Stana's talk addressed the human response to vibration. The School was attended by more than 20 research and UG students from the Technical University of Munich and the University of Belgrade.

This highly successfull event was sponsored by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), and was concluded by an excursion to Manasija Monastery and Resava Cave.

Participants in the Summer School.