PhD Molecular Analytical Science

Development of All-Diamond Conductivity Sensors with Simultaneous Temperature Monitoring for Aquatic Environments, Prof. Julie V. Macpherson

The current research I am doing in this project is the design and fabrication of a diamond-based conductivity sensor, from the manufacture of the diamond electrode, to the accompanying electronics, software and data analysis, in order to build a working sensor that will monitor conductivity and temperature simultaneously.

One of the main challenges that in-situ sensors for aquatic environments face is fouling, in particular the growth of bacterial biofilms on the sensor surface which impedes its performance. We are investigating the assertion that diamond offers a "reduced fouling" surface, by developing an assay-based protocol for quantifying biofilm formation on various materials, and examining the factors in play that affect biofilm growth and how these relate to diamond as a material for sensing.

Future research will involve the investigation of methods of cleaning the sensor so that it can be left in-situ for extended periods of time in seawater, ready for its application in the marine environment.

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The project is funded through MAS CDT with industrial contact from DSTL. We have established collaborations with:

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MSc Molecular Analytical Science, distinction

University of Warwick, 2014 - 2015

The MAS MSc course consisted of taught and research modules. For more information, click here.

BSc (Hons) Chemistry, class 2.1

University of Warwick, 2011 - 2014

Graduated with an upper second class honours.