Derived categories, algebra and representation theory

Mon 23rd-Fri 27th March 2015
(Room: B3.03)

Organisers: Iain Gordon, Dmitriy Rumynin, Toby Stafford

A week long conference.

There are two classes of algebras whose representation theory perpetuates the elegance of the representation theory of simple finite dimensional Lie algebras: rational Cherednik algebras and finite W-algebras. Their modern study began around 2002 and inherited a range of diverse ideas and methods from Lie algebras: D-modules, localisations, quantisations, derived categories, etc. These ideas have propagated to many other subjects: algebraic geometry, modular representation theory and theoretical physics, to name but a few. Two recent examples of their fertility are the AGT conjecture and the fusion of the geometric Langlands program with string theory. We propose to hold a workshop, centered on algebraic and representation theoretic aspects of this circle of ideas.

Confirmed speakers: Pramod Achar (Louisiana), Gwyn Bellamy (Glasgow), Tobias Dyckerhoff (Oxford), Victor Ginzburg (Chicago), David Jordan (Edinburgh), Alastair King (Bath), Wendy Lowen (Antwerpen), Kevin McGerty (Oxford), Vanessa Miemietz (East Anglia), Alexander Premet (Manchester), Catharina Stroppel (Bonn), Balazs Szendroi (Oxford), Michel Van den Bergh (Hasselt), Ben Webster (Virginia)

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