If you are having problems with your Supervisions then the FIRST person you should speak to is YOUR SUPERVISOR! Many are doing this for the first time and may not realise there is a problem. The same can be said for TAs taking support classes, the first person you should talk to is the TA, they won't bite!

For all other complaints there are University guidelines:


There are both informal and formal channels for making a complaint or providing feedback about a department or service at the University of Warwick. The University encourages informal resolution where appropriate and also has a formal Student Academic Complaints Procedure. Full details of the various channels are detailed on the website, along with information about the Office of the Independent Adjudicator and support open to students across the University.

Academic Appeals

Under certain defined circumstances and as per the University Calendar (University Regulations) students may appeal against decisions relating to their academic progress or outcomes. These may be summarised broadly as follows:

Please see the department's advice for students taking exams where they may have mitigating circumstances, or who may wish to appeal against the deicsion of the finals exam board... it can be found here: