Lecturer: Ed Brambley

Term(s): Term 2

Status for Mathematics students: List C

Commitment: 30 one hour lectures

Assessment: 100% Exam (3 hours)

Prerequisites: MA231 Vector Analysis (for contour integration); MA250 Introduction to PDEs (for Green’s
functions). MA3D1 Fluid Dynamics is useful but not necessary.


The application of wave theory to problems involving the generation, propagation and scattering of acoustic and other waves is of considerable relevance in many practical situations. These include, for example, underwater sound propagation, aircraft noise, remote sensing, the effect of noise in built-up areas, and a variety of medical diagnostic applications. This course aims to provide the basic theory of wave generation, propagation and scattering, and an overview of the mathematical methods and approximations used to tackle these problems, with emphasis on applications to aeroacoustics.

By the end of the module the student should be able to:


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