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Denise Vlachou

PhD Project

Understanding the Complex Dynamics of the Molecular Circadian Clock and Designing a Metric of Clock Disruption in Cancer.

Supervisors: Professor David Rand (Systems biology and Mathematics) and Professor Francis Levi (Warwick Medical School)

My project aims to elucidate the complexities of normal periodic gene expression, in order design a diagnostic tool to measure "clock dysfunction" for use in personalised medicine strategies in cancer chronotherapy.

Academic Background

2013-2014 University of Warwick (MOAC DTC) MSc Mathematical Biology and Biophysical Chemistry


  1. Modelling circadian rhythms in Arabidopsis (Theoretical)
  2. Developing colour-changing biosensors for diagnostics of infectious disease (Chemistry)
  3. Novel constitutive promoters for synthetic biology (Experimental Biology)

2012-2013 University of Nottingham MSc Mathematical Medicine and Biology


2008-2011 University of Warwick BSc Mathematics

Other stuff

I am the SSLC representative for the 2013/2014 MOAC cohort and generally try to get involved in everything going on. My favourite part of being SSLC was organising secret santa at Christmas (see below)


I am on the University Waterpolo team, and I spend most of my evenings training at the pool, in the gym, or on a social. This is my team ...



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