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Pettifer Prize 2017-18

The Pettifer Prize is presented annually to the first year Physics student with the best overall examination performance. It honours the memory of Dr Robert Pettifer, who was a member of the Department from 1972 until his retirement due to ill-health in 2007.

The 2017/18 prizewinner is Guy Moss, who receives a copy of the Feynman Lectures on Physics. The prize was presented by Robert's wife, Mary…

Feature News

Pint of Science 2019

"Pint of Science" is returning from the 20-22nd May 2019, in various pubs across Coventry and Warwickshire. The 2018 festival involved a number of staff and students from Physics, and the call for speakers and volunteers for 2019 is now open.

Research Updates

image Subtleties of witnessing quantum coherence in nonisolated systems

Tests of quantum coherence could demonstrate biological systems exploiting quantum phenomena. This paper discusses such tests and how the role the environment must be considered to witness coherence.

Athena Swan Silver Award iop_juno.png

The Welfare and Communication Group (WCG) works to promote good working practices and gender equality in Physics.