Coordinator: Michael Pounds

Weighting: 12 CATS

The tutor's mark is made up from marks for answers to the assessed weekly problems (50%) and from work associated with five worksheets (50%). The worksheets cover some background mathematical material assumed by other modules. The material covered includes complex numbers, vectors, matrices, multiple integration and integration along surfaces and contours.

Please note that this module is only taken by students on the 3 year BSc (GF13) and the 4 year MMathPhys (FG33) programmes in Mathematics and Physics.

To cover some background mathematical material assumed by other modules, to give experience of learning by self-study and to develop the habit of keeping up with the problem sheets handed out in physics modules


You should become familiar with complex numbers, vectors and matrices, multiple integration and integration over lines, surfaces and volumes at a level necessary to cope with all first year physics modules and to start the second year core module, MA231 Vector Analysis . You should have attempted the questions on the physics problem sheets and handed in your answers to the designated questions for the core physics modules.



You should answer the questions on each of the worksheets and hand in your answers to your personal tutors as directed.

Weekly Problem Sheets
You will be asked to hand in written answers to designated problems from the problem sheets or attempt designated problems from the Mastering Physics package.

Assessment: Worksheets 50% + Physics Problems 50%

This module has a home page. Details of the assessment are included there.

Leads to: First and Second Year Physics modules, MA259 Multivariable Calculus.