The proposed network will be a "living organism". It will grow in numbers of the participating institutions and evolve in its focus on particular aspects and approaches used in the physics of systems far from equilibrium.

Current members of the NetworkPlus represent a significant part of UK research community in non-equlibrium physics, chemistry, biology and social science. These are (not in particular order, names in bold font indicate node leaders):

For an Excel list of current members

Industrial partners:

Unilever (P. Warren), Procter&Gamble (P. Souter); Lloyd's of London (Neil Smith); CCFE (R. Dendy, C. Ham); National Institute for Medical Research (B. Khatri); Technion (L. Atia); General Dynamics (USA, T. Evans); Significant Digits Pty Ltd ( D. Urpani), Polymaths Consulting (F. Khan)

International partners: Prof. E. Frey (LMU Munich), Prof. J. D. Farmer (Santa Fe), Prof. J. Krug (Cologne), Prof. U. Taeuber (Virginia Tech), Prof. C. Shalizi (Carnegie Mellon), Dr. N. Johnson (Miami), C. Reina (University of Pennsylvania), M. Gherardi & R. Cerbino (Università degli Studi di Milano), Dr. Cerit (Helmholtz Zentrum München), P. Jizba (Czech Technical University, Prague), B. Fabio (Tchnical Universtiy Berlin, Germany), C. Sanli-Cakir (CompleXity Networks, University of Namur, Belgium), I. Stefano (CBM - CNRS Orleans, France), J. Magnus (University of Linkping, Sweden), L. Roberto (University of Florence, Italy), M. Schreder (Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Gettingen), M. Allard (University of Twente, Netherlands), A. Picozzi (University of Bourgogne, Dijon, France), P. Coleman (ICAAM, Rutgers University, USA), P. Politi (CNR-ICS, Florence, Italy), R. Benno (Southern Methodist University, Dallas, USA), S. Ulrich (Unviersity of Muenchen, Germany), T. Parsons (CNRS & University Pierre et Marie Curie), P. Sartori (Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems), C. A. Lugo Velez (TSL)