I completed a Master of Physics (MPhys) degree at Lancaster University in 2013. I am researching low dimensional magnets under the supervision of Dr Paul Goddard.

Research Interests

My interests lie in exploring the magnetic characteristics of a type of material called coordination polymers, which are self-organising materials consisting of metal ions linked via organic or inorganic ligands which mediate magnetic exchange between the ions.

This project aims to determine if it is possible to control the building blocks of magnetic materials and therefore design bespoke magnetic systems. Coordination polymers are interesting as the form of the final product can be engineered by choosing different starting components. A whole range of materials can therefore be created that have low exchange constants that can be studied using magnetic fields.

The project involves determining the key properties of magnetic materials using ESR, x-ray and neutron scattering, and in particular, high magnetic fields to take magnetisation, susceptibility and heat capacity measurements. This can then be related to the structure of the material. These measurements will be used to gauge the suitability of the materials as realisations of model quantum magnetic systems and thereby check the validity of theoretical predictions of quantum theories of magnetism.



Oral Presentations:

Poster Presentations:

Courses Taken

ISIS Neutron Training School;
Indroductory Workshop on the Theory and Practice of EPR spectroscopy, University of Manchester.

Probes of Condensed Matter Part I;
Magnetic Resonance Hardware;
Classical and Quantum Phase Transitions.

Teaching Duties

I taught 1st year undergraduate physics problems class for 4 years.