I am a Royal Society University Research Fellow and an Associate Professor (Reader) in the Warwick Physics Department.

Research Interests

My group uses electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) to investigate schemes for quantum technology, as well as studying fundamental physics with levitated nano-diamonds. We are a part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in Diamond Science and Technology (DST).

Quantum technologies

Materials such as diamond contain electron and nuclear spins which store quantum information for a long time. We use single nitrogen vacancy centres (NVC) in diamond for magnetometry and to explore the possibility of building a quantum computer. We also use large ensembles of NVC for magnetometry.

High-field EPR

The EPR spectrometer we have built operates at the high magnetic field of 14 T, and can measure very sharp EPR resonances.

Levitated diamonds containing qubits

We have proposed and demonstrated the optical levitatation of nano-diamonds because we would like to test whether these can try out being in two places at once.