Name Last Updated
ST903: Statistical Methods 28/09/18
ST906: Financial Time Series 12/02/19
ST908: Probability & Stochastic Processes 28/09/18
ST909: Continuous Time Finance for Interest Rate Models 14/01/19
ST910: An Invitation to Graduate Probability (MASDOC) 15/06/11
ST911: Fundamentals of Modern Statistical Inference (MASDOC) 15/06/11
ST912: Statistical Frontiers (MASDOC) 04/03/14
ST915: MSFM Dissertation 11/03/18
ST952: An Introduction to Statistical Practice 28/09/18
ST955: Dissertation 18/02/19
ST957: Financial Derivatives 28/09/18
ST958: Topics in Mathematical Finance 08/01/19