I am always interested to hear from well qualified prospective research students (particularly Ph.D. students) who are interested in working in Computational Statistics and Probability. Below are some examples of projects I am currently interested in offering, and which might be interesting to study - I'm happy to discuss these projects during one of my office hours, or by appointment. Feel free to suggest other projects you may be interested in (although be aware I may not!), and contact me directly at m dot pollock at warwick dot ac dot uk.

** Former students can be found here (including where available copies of dissertations), which may be of interest to prospective students **

Ph.D. projects

  1. Fusion (PDF Document)
    1. Project 1: Fusion Methodology (jointly with Hongsheng Dai (Essex))
    2. Project 2: Fusion Theory (jointly with Gareth Roberts (Warwick))
    3. Project 3: Privacy Applications (jointly with Gareth Roberts (Warwick) and/or Louis Aslett (Durham))
    4. Project 4: Genetic Applications (jointly with Paul Jenkins (Warwick))
    5. Project 5: Criminality Applications (jointly with Jim Q. Smith (Warwick))
  2. Teleportation MCMC (PDF Document)
    1. Project 1: Teleportation Theory (jointly with Gareth Roberts (Warwick) and/or Andi Q. Wang (Oxford))
    2. Project 2: Teleportation Methodology (jointly with Gareth Roberts (Warwick))

Masters / Dissertation projects

  1. Armageddon (PDF Document)
  2. Chess ratings (PDF Document)
  3. Cracking ciphers using simulation
  4. Gerrymandering: Finding evidence of the political beast (PDF Document)
  5. Life Insurance Investment Guarantees (PDF Document)
  6. Markov Melding (PDF Document)
  7. Path-space rejection sampling for financial models
  8. Pre-fetching: Parallelisation of MCMC (PDF Document)
  9. Simulating quasi-stationary distributions
  10. Statistical topics in political opinion polling

Undergraduate (Summer URSS) projects