Dr Renata Retkute (2017-2018)
Dr Ed Knock (2017-2018)

PhD students:
Dr Adam Griffin (2013-2016)
Thesis title: Quasi-stationary distributions for evolving epidemic models: simulation and characterisation. Full text

Dr Panayiota Touloupou (2012-2016)
*** Winner of the Harrison award for highly commended thesis. ***
Thesis title: Bayesian inference and model selection for partially observed stochastic epidemics. Full text

Jacopo Franco (2013-2016)

Masters in Research:
Luke Whincop (2016-2018)

MSc in Statistics:
Jannick Hartmann (2018)
George Phillips (2017)
Aidan Ayensu (2016)
Preetika Singh (2015)
Karla Monterrubio Gomez (2015)
Matthew Smith (2014)
Panayiota Touloupou (2012)
Jie Yang (2012)