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1. The Natural Killer cell synapse and signalling


Examples of work in this area include: dynamics, mechanics and regulation of biopolymer networks, fiber-membrane interactions, cell movement, membrane dynamics, immunological synapse, sickle hemoglobin fibres, molecular motors.

We were recently joined by Till Bretschneider who works on principles of self-organisation involved in the motion of animal cells (chemical signal organisation of the collective motion of cells in developmental processes, quantifying the actin cytoskeleton response to chemical and mechanical stimuli, underlying mechanisms for pattern formation of the actin cytoskeleton, development of imaging software for the automated analysis of large cell populations).

1.The Natural Killer cell synapse and signalling


WSB Staff: Burroughs.

Collaborators: van der Merwe (Oxford),Davis (Imperial), Gould (Imperial). Funding: BBSRC 900k, Burroughs PI.

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