I am a member of Sascha Ott's group, which is now within the Zeeman institute (SBIDER) at Warwick, where I have been funded by BBSRC to provided bioinformatics support for a number of research projects within the school of Life Sciences and beyond. Organisationally I am within the dept of Computer Science. I am alse employed as a post-doctoral researcher within the Applied Water Physics theme at Wetsus in the Netherlands.

My current projects are:

Previous projects, for which funding has finished but where I continue to provide support include:


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In 2007, after 25 years working in the Telecoms industry (working on the same product, System X,for almost all of that time) I took voluntary redundancy from Ericsson, and completed a 4 year MSc/PhD within MOAC before moving on to take up a position within the Systems Biology Centre at Warwick, and then a position in Life Sciences

More details as to how I came to make such a radical career move.