Prior to starting my EngD I did a four year MEng course at Cardiff University. Our single dissertations were carried out in the third year, for which I studied Grinding Efficiency when extracting gold from the earth, which allowed for larger group projects to be taken in the final year. From a selection of projects I chose to take Integrated Building Design, and Renewable Energy Design.

My Dissertation and then final year group projects are discussed below.

Numerical Modelling and Experimental Analysis of Bead Design on Grinding Efficiency

Stresses throughout the mill will output, with the variables investigated including:

The final result was computational prediction on the energies experienced within the grinding mill, and where improvements can be made to get maximum efficiency from the operation.

Integrated Building: Hospital Design


A plot of land was assigned within the Cardiff Bay area, where a new hospital was to be built. The group was provided with a specification and roles were then assigned. I took on the Electrical Services, Fire Safety and Waste Production. Here are a few of the sub-topics that made up my contribution.

Electrical Services

Fire Safety

Dirty Area

Renewable Energy: Wind Turbine Design

An area was assigned on the south coast of Wales, where wind turbines were to be erected. Having been provided a specification for the desired output, it was up to the group to design and suggest the appropriate turbine for the job. We decided to make the proposal applicable for smaller companies that were looking to enter the renewable energy market and produce electricity for the local area. Some of the topics that made up my contribution included: