You will need to provide one reference in support of your application, however the online application system will require you to enter the name of two referees. You can enter the names for two referees and we will accept the first satisfactory reference we receive. Alternatively you can enter "N/A" (not applicable) for the second referee's details and leave the email field blank.

There are two ways we can accept a reference:

  1. Online: If you provide an email address for your referee, we will contact them and ask them to provide a reference using a secure web link. We will only contact your referee once and we will not chase referees for you. As a matter of courtesy, we strongly advise you to contact your referee in advance of submitting your application to make sure they are happy to provide a reference in this way.
  2. On paper: If you do not supply an email address for your referee, you should contact your referee yourself to request that he/she sends the reference to us by post. Our postal address is here. References submitted in this way must be signed originals on official letter-headed paper. It would be appreciated if you could ask your referee to include a covering letter to state who the reference is for, including your name and University ID number.

When we refer to providing a "satisfactory reference" we mean the following: