This module is designed for students without previous IT experience or studies.


The application of Information and Communication Technologies has become so widespread that all business managers must be aware of these technologies' current and future potential if they are to succeed. To apply the technologies intelligently it is crucial to have some technical understanding of what technologies and tools are available, and what facilities they offer. Students will be able to explore the architectures, application integration technologies and gain an appreciation of the security issues.

This module is aimed at students without any IT background and is intended as an introduction to the technologies available. The module will enable participants to converse with IT professionals to help the students make informed decisions about the role of IT for their businesses.


Upon successful completion participants will be able to:


Computer Networks
• Network Technologies
• Telecommunications
• Network Devices
• Network Practices

Computer Systems
• Server Architecture (On-site, Cloud, Hybrid…)
• Enterprise Architecture Integration
• Web Services

Computer Security
• Firewalls
• Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
• Digital Certificates
• Malware / Virus detection

• Database Design
• Database Utilisation
• SQL script structure


4000 words Post Module Work (70% weighting) and Group Presentation (30% weighting)


1 week, including 15x1.5hours of lectures and 9x1.5hours of practical classess