The results of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) were released on 18th December 2014. The Centre for Education Studies formed a key part of the University's submission to the Education Unit of Assessment, alongside the Centre for Applied Linguistics and the Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal and Research.


Further information about Warwick's REF result is available here.


1 Research intensity, as calculated by The Times Higher Education (1-7 January 2015), is measured using 'Intensity-weighted GPA'. This measure multiplies the Grade Point Average (GPA) by the proportion of eligible staff submitted to the REF. This attempts to account for high levels of selectivity in staff submitted to the REF (with Warwick submitting 93 per cent of eligible staff).

2 The figure (76 per cent) is the sum of the submissions proportion of 4* 'World-leading' research (32 per cent) and 3* 'Internationally excellent' research (44 per cent). Refer to the REF Website for definitions and data.

3 Warwick submitted 34.57 Full Time Equivalents (FTE) to the REF of a total eligible 37 FTE (as reported by HESA). The Times Higher Education (1-7 January 2015) provide national averages for the Education Unit of Assessment.

4 Research Power, as calculated by The Times Higher Education (18-25 December 2014), is calcuated as the GPA multiplied by the number of staff submitted.

5 Grade Point Average refers to the overall quality profile of research. It is calculated by The Times Higher Education (1-7 January 2015) by multiplying the percentage of 4*research by four, 3* research by three, 2* research by two and 1* research by one. The totals are added together and divided by 100 to give a number between 0 and 4.