This section includes useful resources and information to aid our Partner Schools in the PGCE School Direct admissions process.

Essential Resources (Prior to Interview)

  • When you have selected your successful applicants you wish to interview, you may wish to use the editable template provided below. This is modelled on our PGCE University-led (Core) interview invitation. We have adapted this to suit your needs, please ensure you overwrite the information highlighted in red: (Word Document) Interview Invitation Letter - Primary Interview  (Word Document) Invitation Letter - Secondary.
  • Please also send out a DBS Checklist -UPDATED! with all interview invites.
    • ONLY FOR SD TUITION FEE: Please note that our Disclosures Team started to carry out vetting checks in February 2019. However, this means that all the documents which must be dated less than 3 months ago at the point of the checks to be used (please refer to the DBS checklist above) would be deemed unusable now if they were provided prior to the 3 months when the checks are operated. Offer holders would need to provide a new third document, this would be asked by our Disclosures Team. If you are communicating with your offer holders, please make sure that they are aware of this, this would speed up the process of obtaining their vetting check forms if they are school direct tuition fee trainees.
  • Please notify us of the candidates that you do not wish to interview on the Application Decision form

Essential Resources (Day of Interview and Making a Decision)

  • We invite you to use our Primary and Secondary interview selection documents but please feel free to amend these to suit you. It is an Ofsted requirement for us to have evidence that each applicant has been through a fair and rigorous admissions process. To ensure we gain consistent feedback for the applicants interviewed, we ask that you upload the interview selection document or your own format of interview notes when completing the online offer reccomendation form. We will not be able to process an offer without sufficient interview notes.
  • For confirmation of a successful candidate, please uploaded the following documents via the online Offer Recommendation form:
    • Interview Selection Notes (interview questions, and notes etc).
    • DBS SD non-salaried: Copies of ID stamped with the school stamp & signed to say you have seen the original. Along with signed (applicant & school) (Word Document) DBS Checklist -UPDATED!.
      DBS SD Salaried: Fully completed UoW Vetting Check Form once the DBS/Overseas Checks have come through to you (Word Document) SDS Vetting Check. Our Disclosures Department have more information on the DBS process
    • Confirmation of Understanding 
    • Capacity to Teach Form (formerly Fitness to Teach form)
    • Copies of Qualification Certificates - stamped with the school stamp & signed to say you have seen the original.
      (Please also see our applicant information on SKE courses, this can be recommended on the Offer Recommendation form - please see more guidance on SKEs below).
    • Please note that apart from the vetting check for SDS applicants, we require all this documentation before an offer can be made.
  • It is extremely important that offers/rejections are not made by schools directly on the UCAS System. Please ensure that you use our Application Decision form in order to make us aware of these decisions. We will then process these for you.
  • Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses (SKE) - Please see new guidelines regarding SKE providers and SKE funding. For information on acceptable SKE providers, please see the attached list here. Please note you cannot use any provider outside of this list and ensure that you advise any applicants that you recommend to complete an SKE.
    Our guidance on the recommended length of Subject Knowledge Enhancement courses can be found here.
  • Requesting new / additional allocation - During the cycle you may need to request allocation for a completely new subject / route or request additional places for an existing subject / route. The process to be followed is here