Before using resources for proportional mapping, please ensure that you are certain that a proportional mapping is suitable for your purposes. Further discussion can be found on my LFS SIC Mapping page.

1. Office for National Statistics proportional mapping between SIC 1992/SIC 2003 and SIC 2007

ONS Excel spreadsheets with proportions, mapping SIC 2007 to SIC 2003 (1992) and vice versa. (Note that SIC 2003 is essentially identical to SIC 1992 at the 3-digit aggregation level and above. See the ONS Table of Changes Between SIC 1992 and SIC 2003, for example.)

These spreadsheets are based on mappings created using the Inter-Departmental Business Register (IDBR), the continually-updated universe of UK VAT- or PAYE-registered businesses maintained by the ONS. They are based on IDBR data from December 2009 and will not be updated.

The ONS provide information about SIC 2007.

The ONS also provide information about previous SICs (prior to SIC 2007) on their website of Archived SICs.

2. Jennifer Smith's proportional mapping between SIC 1980 and SIC 1992

I have produced a proportional mapping between SIC 1980 4-digit Activities and SIC 1992 2-digit Divisions based on information on job stayers.

3. Jennifer Smith's proportional mapping between SIC 1968 and SIC 1980

I have produced a proportional mapping between SIC 1968 3-digit Minimum List Headings and SIC 1980 4-digit Activities.

A spreadsheet documenting SIC 1968 - SIC 1980 correlations - between SIC 1968 3-digit "Minimum List Headings" and SIC 1980 "Activities" - is available from the LSE RLAB.

These correlations correspond to ONS documents available in the ONS SIC Archive:

4. Mapper98 mapping software

The excellent proportional mapping software Mapper98 is available, along with very helpful information on implementation, from Maarten Goos's webpage at Catholic University Leuven.