The London food and drink manufacturing sector generates £12.2 billion turnover annually, and accounting for 20% of England’s sector turnover. There are an estimated 31,100 people working in the sector in London. It accounts for 9% of the food and drink manufacturing sector workforce in England. Sector employment is concentrated in Ealing (19%), Brent (17%), Haringey (5%), Bexley (5%) and Newham (4%). In London, the mean gross weekly pay is £506 per week.

There are more than 1,200 workplaces in the sector, accounting for 13% of English sector workplaces. 72% of staff work in organisations of between 1 and 10 staff, and only 4% work in organisations of over 200 staff.

London food and drink sector makes up 16% of London’s total manufacturing workforce.

Between 2000 and 2007, 2,500 jobs were lost, equivalent to a 7% drop in employment levels (a smaller decline than the UK sector average of –17%). The bakery and other food sub-sectors dominate London employment in the sector; accounting for 35% and 13% of the region’s food and drink processing employment, respectively. The bakery sub-sector employment numbers increased by 800 between 2000- 2007.

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Source: London Labour Market Information Profile 2009/2010