The restaurant industry provides food and drink and includes:

The UK’s restaurant industry is diverse. Restaurants range from top-end fine dining establishments to quick service ‘takeaway’ outlets. Restaurants can be classified by type (fine dining, casual/branded dining or quick service) and by the type of cuisine they predominantly serve (e.g. Chinese or European).

UK high streets tend to be dominated by chain restaurants. Over recent years there has been a small increase in the number of chains and a decrease in the average size of a chain. Some of the newer chains, for example, Gourmet Burger Kitchens and the Clapham House Group are relatively small. The newer brands tend to be more focused.

The Asian and Oriental restaurant sub-industry is relatively large. The branded coffee shop sub-industry has grown substantially over the last few years. The largest 13 brands now operate approximately 2,500 outlets compared with 1,000 just 3 years ago.

Key facts:

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