This online learning module is designed to be a STEM starting point for careers professionals and teachers involved in offering careers education, information, advice and guidance to learners. It should take a minimum of four hours to complete.

The aim of STEM Getting started is to introduce the STEM careers 'agenda' and support you to share this with your learners.

These materials will help you to:

This section of the module is divided into five parts, and it is recommended that you work through them in the order they are presented. Action points and resources are indicated using icons, which are explained using the key on the right hand side of the page.

Where to start:

  1. The Rationale - why do we need to improve awareness of STEM courses and careers?
  2. What are the main sources of information about STEM courses and careers?
  3. How can we raise awareness of STEM courses and careers?
  4. Why is equality and diversity important in STEM subject choice and careers?
  5. STEM Getting started Careers delivery

Turn your learning into action:

  • To help you store and organise your action points, we recommend you download a STEM Careers Personal Action Plan. Use it to note down your responses to some of the reflective questions we ask, and record what you intend to do or investigate as a consequence.

When you have finished: