Book: "Diasporada Turk-Kurt Sorunu: Isvec ve Almanya’da Ikinci Kusak" (Turkish-Kurdish Question in the Diaspora), 2013, Iletisim Yayinlari, Ankara, Turkey. (Preface by Prof. Martin Van Bruinessen from University of Utrecht, The Netherlands)

Bahar Baser Book

This book is the revised version of the author's PhD thesis "Inherited Conflicts: Spaces of contention between second-generation Turkish and Kurdish diasporas in Sweden and Germany" (2012) translated into Turkish. This book contributes to a broader understanding of the spill-over of homeland conflicts to the host country by diaspora groups. It analyses how the repercussions of the Kurdish question in Turkey are reflected in the interactions between second-generation Turks and Kurds in Sweden and Germany. It argues that the on-going conflict adversely affects the relationship between the two ethnic groups, but that the tensions and conflict dynamics are not an exact reflection of the situation in the homeland, and instead take a different form in each host land. The contention between the groups and their grievances depend on several factors rooted in the host land and directly or indirectly affect how these groups establish contact with one another.



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