Democratization journal (ISSN 1351-0347 print; 1743-890X online)

A refereed international journal founded in 1994, edited by Peter Burnell (PAIS, University of Warwick) and Peter Calvert (Professor Emeritus, University of Southampton) up to 2008.  Published by Routledge, Taylor and Francis five times a year. Peter Burnell and Peter Ferdinand are currently members of the Editorial Board.

Democratization the journal aims to promote a better understanding of democratization – defined as the way democratic norms, institutions and practices evolve and are disseminated both within and across national and cultural boundaries. While the focus is on democratization viewed as a process, the journal also builds on the enduring interest in democracy itself and its analysis. The emphasis is contemporary and the approach comparative, with the publication of scholarly contributions about those areas where democratization is currently attracting considerable attention world-wide. There is special reference to democratization in the developing world and in post-communist societies, but not to the exclusion of other relevant areas such as North America, Australasia, and the European Union and its member states.

As of Volume 15 (2008) well over 400 articles had been published in this journal, written by scholars based in over 40 countries – around one third in the United States, one third in the UK, and one third in the rest of the world, with increasing numbers in recent years by scholars in continental EuropePersonal and institutional subscribers in approximately 40 countries.

In June 2010 Democratization gained Thomson Reuter SSCI listing.

Each year two ‘Democratization’ prizes are awarded, one for the best article and one for the best article by a young or promising new scholar, from material published in the previous year. The judges are drawn from the journal’s full editorial board and the international advisory board.

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