Dr Nick Sitter is Professor of Public Policy at the Department of Public Policy at Central European University and Professor of Political Economy at the BI Norwegian Business School. His research interests include public policy (energy policy) and European integration (the singe market and regulation).

Sitter joined GR:EEN with a specific focus on energy policy making in Europe, and contributes mainly to Work Package 5 on Europe and Global Public Policy 2: Energy and Environment. Recent books include Understanding Public Management (Sage 2008) and Europe’s Nascent State: Public Policy in the EU (Gyldendal 2006); other publications pertinent to the GR:EEN project include “The European Union Gas Market: Differentiated Integration and Fuzzy Liberalisation” in G. Fermann (ed) Energy and institution-building in Europe (Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag, 2009); “Differentiated Integration: What Is It and How Much Can the EU Accommodate?”, Journal of European Integration (2006), both co-authored with Svein Andersen.

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