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Fengxue Bao

fengxue baoMA International Political Economy 2011

I am a postgraduate student studying International Political Economy at Pais from 2010 to 2011. During the one year MA study at Pais, I realised that the theoretical and empirical knowledge of IPE and other optional modules I learnt facilitated me to view the world from multi angles and developed my professional understanding of international affairs. The progress of my study benefits from my regular contact with my module tutors and other Pais scholars, many of whom are globally renowned professors with rich expertise and academic authority in their field. Also many academic activities organised by Pais focused on current affairs, such as its weekly departmental seminar, stimulated my interest and idea to explore more beyond the surface value of the issue. Being course and school mates with students from different cultural backgrounds across all continents on earth, it was an exciting and inspiring experience for us to learn from each other, to discover something unknown to us before and to debate over something disagreed among us.

After taking the master programme at PAIS, many doors are open to my future career than I expected before, but my experience in PAIS makes me more thirsty to knowledge. I wish I can follow the path of what I learnt from Pais to take a research programme before starting my career in an area that could help to build a better world.

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