A One Day Conference
Saturday 3rd May 2003
University of Warwick

Whitehead famously proclaimed that the history of Western philosophy is merely a series of footnotes to Plato. This conference will seek to redress the balance by exploring the rich materialist tradition in ancient thought, from the earliest Presocratic naturalists to the Hellenistic schools, as well as ancient critical engagements with materialism.


Registration: 10.00-10.30

Session 1: 10.30-12.00
Lunch (buffet lunch and drinks provided): 12.00-1.00
Session 2: 1.00-2.30
Coffee Break (drinks provided): 2.30-3.00
Session 3: 3.00-4.30

If you wish to attend this event please register your interest no later than Friday 25th April 2003 by contacting:

Mrs Heather Jones
Centre for Research in Philosophy and Literature,
Department of Philosophy,
University of Warwick,
Coventry, CV4 7AL, UK

Alternatively, download the booking form as a PDF file.

Conference fee of £15 to include buffet lunch, afternoon tea/coffee, and conference pack.

For any other matters relating to this event please contact the organizer, Dr John Sellars.