When you change your password via http://my.password.wbs.ac.uk it changes both your my.wbs/computer password and your mail.wbs (Googlemail) password. Well, at least it should. Occasionally this doesn't work, perhaps because the Google servers are too busy or perhaps because you are trying to set a password that is too short for the Google system (must be 8 characters or more).

Sometimes this leaves a situation where you can log into my.wbs but are unable to log into mail.wbs. If that applies to you the following tip may help...

  1. Sign in at http://my.password.wbs.ac.uk
  2. Follow the instructions to enter your old password once and your new password twice. Feel free to re-enter your old password if you want to keep using that one. Now, when you click change password your my.wbs password and your mail.wbs will be set to the new value
  3. Test the new password by visiting http://mail.wbs.ac.uk . Ensure you log into your email with your username in a form like msf15js@mail.wbs.ac.uk (this is how Google know you).

    You will need to add @mail.wbs.ac.uk to your regular WBS username to log in

  4. If you continue to have problems please let us know at http://help.wbs.ac.uk/call .