This voice recorder is ideal for personal uses such as recording interviews. It is not suitable for recording material that needs to be widely shared (such as on my.wbs). For this purpose please use an MP3 recorder instead.


You have borrowed the voice recorder from the Helpdesk and now wish to use it.

voice recorder buttons

To record

To play back

Recording Modes

You can change the quality that the device will record at. The higher the quality the shorter the recording time that is possible as shown in the following table:

<<ST>> HQ Mode

HQ Mode

SP Mode

LP Mode

Approx. 4 hours 20 min

Approx. 8 hours 50 min

Approx. 17 hours 25 min

Approx 54 hours 50 min

To change the mode:

Copying the files to your computer

Please contact the Helpdesk ( or Tel 22522) if you have any problems, questions or comments