National Grid new partnershipWarwick and National Grid have launched a partnership to tackle global energy challenges as well as local issues such as skills and employment in their communities.

The two organisations already work closely across many areas. The new agreement seals the relationship by setting out a number of future joint collaborations. The partnership will focus on three broad themes – joint research into energy security and sustainability, adult and executive education for National Grid employees, and projects that will benefit communities in the Midlands.

Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Nigel Thrift said:

National Grid and the University are both major globally connected organisations. We share a focus on one of the biggest international challenges of the 21st century – energy security. But equally we are near neighbours with strong local roots and we recognise that by working together, we can achieve more in areas such as enhancing skills and employability among our communities. We look forward to making a difference both globally and locally as part of this exciting new partnership.”

Nick Winser, National Grid’s Executive Director for the UK said:

Forming a strategic partnership between National Grid and the University of Warwick is a very exciting prospect. This will allow us to bring together our collective knowledge and expertise and explore a wide range of opportunities that both this and our geographic proximity allow. There are a number of projects we are already working on together, and we see this partnership expanding to consider many areas including energy policy, research and development and education programmes.”

The new partnership will cover a number of initiatives.

National Grid is a partner on the WMG Academy for Young Engineers. It is helping to shape the curriculum of the academy, which is due to open in September 2014.

Joint research projects will also take shape as part of the partnership in areas such as engineering, strategy and policy as well as urban science, complexity science and socio-economics.

The two organisations are exploring opportunities for executive education within the University for National Grid employees. Opportunities to share best practice across the organisations will also be considered.

Pictured: Nick Winser, National Grid (left) and Nigel Thrift, University of Warwick.