A selection of the media's coverage of GUS 2013
As an international summit, addressing concerns to higher education sectors across the world, the media coverage of the Global University Summit was welcome. A selection of the coverage and content related to GUS 2013, with links to online articles where available, is available for you to view below. The University of Warwick is not responsible for the content of external websites.

Vince Cable

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Foreign students caught-up in 'immigration panic'
"Public "panic" over immigration is causing economic harm to the UK, Vince Cable has warned."
29 May 2013

Bail out universities rather than banks?
World leaders will be gathering in Northern Ireland next week for the G8 summit. Like a bunch of well-dressed people standing around a car that won't start, they will be looking for ideas to revive the spluttering engine of economic growth.
12 June 2013

Cable warns overseas students in 'immigration panic'
The "torrid" debate about immigration is in danger of damaging the economically valuable recruitment of overseas students to the UK, says Business Secretary Vince Cable.
29 May 2013

Boris Johnson calls for a Thatcher college at Oxford
Boris Johnson says Oxford University should set up a college in honour of Margaret Thatcher to make up for not awarding her an honorary doctorate.
29 May 2013

Business Standard
Britain wants more Indian students: UK minister
Indian students should not be misled by reports and shun British institutions, UK's business minister said here today asserting that no cap on the number of overseas students in the country.
29 May 2013

Boris Johnson and Vince Cable warn immigration 'fear' will deter foreign students from UK
"Deep emotional feelings" about immigration are causing the UK to lose out on foreign students which could benefit the economy, according to Vince Cable.
29 May 2013

Inside Higher Education/Times Higher Education
Where the citations are
Countries outside the world's elite university systems are better at transforming research capacity into citations, a report suggests.
24 May 2013

Boris Johnson says London can lead the way on world stage
UK universities must do more to exploit their “natural advantages” on the global stage and the country must renew its efforts to “explode any myths there might be about visas”, Boris Johnson has said.
6 June 2013

Leaders shall speak unto leaders
“Universities and economic growth” is the theme of this year’s Global University Summit, which will bring together politicians, business leaders and university vice-chancellors in a bid to influence international policymakers. The invitation-only event, organised by the University of Warwick, is held in advance of the annual G8 conference, which this year takes place in June in Northern Ireland.
21 February 2013

NYU president on global universities, ‘idea capitals’ and ‘talent snowballs’
Universities are more important than ever to the development of great cities and knowledge economies, argues John Sexton. Over the past 10 years, New York University has established itself as a global network, with full campuses in New York, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai complemented by smaller ‘study-away’ sites on five continents.
22 May 2013

OECD finds greater efficiency outside the elite
Countries outside the world’s elite university systems are better at transforming research capacity into citations, a report suggests. While the US and the UK are good at converting research inputs into outputs and are improving, the likes of Denmark, Switzerland, France and the Republic of Ireland are making the most of their resources and improving efficiency at a greater rate, the study by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development has found.
23 May 2013

Mail Online
Public 'panic' over immigration risks damaging the economy, Vince Cable warns
Britain’s economy is being damaged by public ‘panic’ over immigration, Vince Cable warned today. The Business Secretary claimed government policy aimed at cutting the number of people moving to the UK were deterring investors and created ‘absurd’ obstacles for students.
29 May 2013

The Telegraph
Boris Johnson: Cutting the number of foreign students will harm the UK
The Mayor of London hit out at Government’s tightening of visa controls for students after it was disclosed that there was a 22 per cent decrease in the number of foreign students last year.
29 May 2013

The Global University Summit 2013 [28-30 May 2013] was hosted by the University of Warwick.